The Role Of Failure In Baseball

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As a baseball player failure is a natural part of my life. The best hitters in history failed a staggering 65 percent of the time and at times their rate of failure was much higher. Every player experiences a period where they seem to fail in every attempt they take; some have long periods of failure, while others have short periods of failure. I recently experienced a long stretch where it felt like nonstop failure on my part while playing baseball. It started first as not being able to get a hit, then progressed to striking out in almost every at bat. As days turned into weeks I tried harder and harder not to fail, only resulting in more failure and this seemingly never ending cycle of failure on the field eventually started affecting my life off the field.…show more content…
My coach and parents both agreed nothing was wrong with me mechanically, but rather I was having mental problems that I needed to address. It has always been preached to me that baseball is a mental game and the only way to be successful is to be mentally strong. Their observation marked a turning point in my thinking. No longer did I focus on trying too hard to succeed, but rather focused on reinstating trust and confidence in myself and that was easier said than
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