The Role Of Family In Samuel Beckett's Endgame

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Relationships between parents and their children are very unique and individualized. Some families are very close and have many shared memories. Other families have faced hardship and choose to put distance in their relationships. In fact, Samuel Beckett’s absurd play, Endgame, is full of unique family dynamics. Nell and Nagg are the parents of Hamm, and Hamm acts as a father to Clov, although it is unclear whether they are blood related. These four characters live together and their parent-child relationships are apparent in their interactions. Although much of these characters history is a mystery, Nell and Nagg’s damaging parenting behaviors effected Hamm’s adult personality and directly affected the way Hamm fathered Clov.
To begin, much of these characters history is a mystery. This play is set in a dystopian world much different from the 21’s century. It is clear the world is dystopian in nature although, much of the setting, societal culture, and environment is left to the imagination. It is descripted only as filth, corpsed, and gray (Beckett 10-11, 26). The four characters of the world suffer from unusual medical conditions, such as being unable to sit, being unable to stand and two characters live inside trash bins with “stubs” rather than legs. However, through a few stories told by Nell & Nagg, it is reviled that the earth wasn’t always like that. (Beckett 7-8). She describes rowing on a lake in their youth;
NELL: It was on Lake Como.
One April
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