The Role Of Family In The Novel 'Big Girls Dont Cry'

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Introduction. Family is the basic unit of a society. It is from the family where an individual learns the values and principles of behaviour that he/she will carry to society. If a members of a family has conflict cause by

not respecting the rights of each other , this could lead to the breakdown of communication. Through effective communication , members of a family will get to know the role of each member, and come to

respect that role. Communication is important in a family because this will bring peace and harmony to the family , that was the message of a novel I read entitled Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. Jennifer weiner is the # 1 New York times best-selling author who wrote different books and published 10 million copies in 36 countries. She continues to delight readers with her 2009 novel Certain …show more content…

even her voice was affected by his condition, and she was not allowed by her mother to paly or do what other teenagers do because her mom was overprotective to

her. I go on a journey with Joy as she struggles against what she’s always known to be right, and wanting to fit in. Joy finds her self being a awkward ,she feel that she always doing wrong .

One of the things Joy begins to deal is when he find her mother's book entitled ' Big Girls Dont Cry'. It’s a book of fiction, but it is very obviously based upon her mother’s life. Joy begins a quest to

find out what is real and what isn’t; her most pressing question is if her mother actually wanted her or not (the character in the book her mother wrote did not want a baby but found herself pregnant after a one-night

stand with her ex-boyfriend, exactly like real life). At the end Joy knows that his biologically father is Bruce, her mother ex-boyfriend.

Told from two different points of view, Certain Girls allows readers to experience a momentous time in Joy's life as she not only navigates the challenges of adolescence but also prepares to

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