The Role Of Fashion In The 1920s

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Fashions/ Styles of the 1920s While society changed during the 1920s, fashion changed along with it. After World War I, society skyrocketed. People began throwing parties, flying airplanes across the country, and traveling long distances in cars. The 1920s were filled with new opportunities for women, such as the right to vote. One of the easiest ways for women to express themselves and maintain their independence was through fashion.
The 1920s was filled with change in fashion. “Not only did the waist drop- but most significantly, the hemline rose- dangerously! This sudden exposure of women’s legs in the 1920s brought a huge interest in women’s hosiery” (Brief History of Women’s Fashion 10). Women wanted men to look at them and give them attention, one way to do this was to show off their legs and arms. They also wanted shorter dresses in order to show their legs while dancing the Charleston. It was uncommon for women to show a lot of skin, they normally would not show off their legs or arms because it would have been forbidden in previous decades. In the 1920s, dresses and skirts became shorter and more revealing. Styles of the 1920s broke away from the old traditional women’s clothes and was the start of the
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“Coco Chanel put on a man’s sweater one morning and wrapped a belt around the waist” (1920s Fashion: Style in The Jazz Age 5). Coco Chanel, a famous fashion designer during the 1920s, was known to be one of the main reasons for this boyish style in which changed women’s fashion. Her clothes had a masculine impact on the fashion of the 1920s. “Women not only began driving, smoking, and having sex like men, but they also appropriated his clothes” (1920s Fashion: Style in the Jazz Age 5). After the war, women wanted to forget the past along with their hair. Not everything about the 1920 was boyish. Women still wanted to be known as sexy, they just wanted to reinvent the idea of

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