The Role Of Father In John Updike's Separating

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What Is the Role of Father? The fiction “Separating” by John Updike illustrates one specific model of a father, yet the role of father in the poem quite differs from my father. The father in the fiction is mainly hesitating, puzzled, and irresolute, although the flow of the fiction shows that everyone in Richard’s family has respect for him, such as the attitudes of his children at the dinner table. Every child should have a strong respect for their father, and thus being respected is one of the most significant roles fathers should play. The father is the closest person to respect, and therefore the father is the first person to respect for the children. However, no one in my family seems having disrespect for my father. Children learn the thought of respect for father from mother’s behavior. Hence, it is quite obvious that if the mother did not show her respect for the father, the children would not be having any thought of respect for the father. Not to mention, the children naturally have disrespect for the father, if the mother treated the father without having esteem. Once the matter happens, it is challenging to resolve because people cannot change themselves so easily. They have been living with their problem as long time as their age. Consequently, the father and mother should follow several tips to clarify the father’s role in the family. For every single family, father and mother should have proper role sharing. For example, the father should play the
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