Fatherhood Vs Motherhood

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These shifting paradigms of modern life have been both cause and effect of the redefined roles of both parents. Today in U.S., majority of men are more involved in rearing children and housekeeping than their fathers ever were. Gender gaps are gradually disappearing; men are definitely contributing far more household work – cleaning, laundry, cooking et cetera. Many couples have developed their own divisions of labor, depending on work schedules and preferences. Dads are actually spending about 50% more time on housework than they did 25 years ago. It has become a reality in today’s world that has far-reaching implications for society as well. Some scholars suggest that fatherhood is by nature very different from motherhood. Men parent differently…show more content…
Sociologists regard the raising of children as the crucial function of the family. For women, the universal conundrum is: the best years for having children coincide with the best years for establishing a career. Therefore, some say it is advisable to plan their life backwards, decide where one wants to be in life, and then choose the appropriate course of action. Because, the condescension that non-working mothers face in a career woman’s world can be especially hard on women who don 't have a long list of work accomplishments behind them. And taking an early break is tougher in some fields than in others. Moreover, in a society where it is common to have baby on hold for career, or where career is equated with identity, young mothers feel like outsiders. Now the technology and technological companies come up with an innovative idea: women employee freeze their eggs for the future. Freezing woman 's egg was originally intended for child-bearing women due to some medical conditions like, facing infertility as a result of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Now corporations siege this opportunity offering female employees financial incentive to freeze their eggs. While the biological clock is on hold, the employer gives employee a choice to focus on their careers instead of child. The procedure is emotionally draining and inherently risky. The ‘shells’ of the frozen egg gets harden and to bypass the hardened shell needs injecting sperm through the shell and directly into the egg. Certainly everybody will agree women try to get pregnant at a younger age, if possible, rather than banking eggs and hoping to get pregnant later in life. Once again, the whole business in America is business. Employer comes first, the employee next. Business first, citizen
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