The Role Of Fatherhood: The Importance Of Fatherhood

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Fatherhood, the role father’s play towards their children biological or non-biological, it is seen or viewed in various ways and according to Morrell and Richter (2006), the definition of fatherhood is the role father’s, who are willing to be father’s, play socially, cognitively and contribute to their child’s development and growth. Fatherhood is very important to each and every individual, but some fathers, don’t realize the importance of fatherhood because there are a large number of absent father’s worldwide and it affects the individual or family as a whole, the essay will discuss my own personal views on fatherhood based on research I did and the essay will also discuss how important having a father is and how fatherhood will impact me to provide effective counselling for my clients who are in a situation where their fathers are not present and it is affecting their worldview.
Opinion on fatherhood
Fatherhood has evolved over the years, a lot more fathers are taking a hand on approach with their children and it is taken more seriously in communities and in the workplace. According to Cronje (n.d), fatherhood and its impact on children has increased over four decades and it is a global improvement, in my opinion, I think it’s true because my dad took full custody of me when I was still young and had not stop taking care of me, my best-friend has a step-father who has been playing an effective fatherly role towards her and raising her like his own

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