The Role Of Fear In Alane Ferguson's The Dying Breath

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Have you ever loved someone, only to find out that they were out to murder you, that they disappear for a year and suddenly come back to finish what they started with you, that they kill two innocent people to make you scared. The story The Dying Breath, a mystery book by Alane Ferguson lets the reader know that love will get rid of fear. The story starts of with the protagonist, Cameryn Mahoney, going inside a house to look at a dead body. When she finds the body, she stumbles across a note claiming that the antagonist, Kyle, her ex boyfriend is back to get her. Lucky for Cam, she has Justin by her side. Justin looks out for Cammie but realizes that he is only doing that because he loves her. “ When I realized how close you came to getting hurt, I had…show more content…
It’s Justin.” And she realized, this is what she’d wanted. Death and fear had faded away as she drank him in. Her Justin. It was letting go that felt so good…”(85). Mia had always had a fear of getting back together with Justin because he was way to old for her. After she had kissed him, she realized that she had wanted to be with him, regardless of age. He comforted her, protected her, cared for her, It was at that moment that, her fear of getting back together with Kyle had just washed away. The reader can see that the love from Justin's comforts Cammie and she is no longer scared. Scared of getting back together with him. One can make a connection between this book a t.v show called Quantico. In this show, the protagonist is being framed for something she didn’t do. The only thing that keeps her going forward and makes her less worried is the love that comes from her friends. One can see the theme love will take your fear away applies everywhere. After reading this story, the reader learns that love will always comfort you and will always make you less scared just like how Cammies fear was washed away when she is with

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