The Role Of Film Theater And Television In The 1960s

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1960s Film, Theater And Television The 1960s was a great development era for film, theater, and television. Unlike most of today’s motion pictures, where it is socially acceptable to see couples of any gender sleeping with or having sexual contact with on television, couples on T.V. in the 60’s were not seen sleeping together. Some shows or movies would have even had separate beds on set. Film, theater, and television has come a long way since the 60s; Causes of this could include the Vietnam War, inauguration of President John F. Kennedy and other popular developments. In January of 1961, John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th president of the United States. Kennedy’s inauguration marked many firsts for our country. He was also the youngest elected president, while replacing the oldest elected president in American history at the time. During this time, one of the biggest, most life changing events was taking place. The Vietnam war began in November of 1955 and ended in April of 1975. In 1965, the first American Combat troops arrived in Vietnam, and by the end of that year the figure of U.S military personnel had nearly risen to 185,000. Towards the middle of the year of 1963, President Kennedy and his…show more content…
By the mid 60s, television was believed to be the most important source of news for the American public. The election in 1960 turned into a great TV contest.Television allowed viewers to see their candidates in a situation of ideas and issues. And, for Nixon unfortunately, viewers were also able to assess the “looks” of the candidate; such as which one looked more honest, appeared more confident, and came off more presidential. Wars and debates as previously listed, opened a wide variety of things to produce for television. Although these dramatic events occurred, they have turned into some of today’s greatest entertainment in the film
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