The Role Of Filmmaking In Canada

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Despite the fact that the role of Canada in the world cinematography field often used to be undervalued, its filmmaking has been a powerful form of artistic and cultural expression before the World War 2. Morris, Magder and Handling (2012) found that “from its earliest days, filmmaking has been a powerful form of cultural and artistic expression, and a highly profitable commercial enterprise. From a practical standpoint, filmmaking is a business involving large sums of money and a complex division of labor engaged, roughly speaking, in three sectors: production, distribution and exhibition.” Besides that, moviemaking continues to be a profitable and successful commercial enterprise today. Such metropolitan centers as Toronto, Montreal…show more content…
The role of the Canadian contribution to the United States of America`s film industry raised greatly. According to “The Montreal Gazette” (1979), Michael McCabe, executive director of the Canadian Film Development Corp., which has been financing movies for 11 years, says Canada could be considered “Hollywood North.” In addition, the mayor of Toronto reaffirmed that Canada has become the third movie production center after Los Angeles and New York. Regarding the amount and budget of movies were either shot or produced (or both) in Toronto, the cooperation between The United States and Canada had proceeded to another level. As an example, Canadian-American Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. was famous and reputable broadcasting company worldwide based in Toronto, which had offices not only in the United States, but United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Australia before it was split and sold in…show more content…
In “Cultural Relations” (n.d.) it says: “There are numerous co-productions between Canadian and German film companies. Young filmmakers participate in German film festivals such as the Berlinale. A cultural agreement between Canada and Germany was signed in 1975. There are many international festivals in Germany, ranging from general festivals such as the Berlinale to festivals specializing in particular genres. Telefilm Canada organizes screenings for international festival directors on the search for films for their respective

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