The Role Of Flooding In St. Augustine

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Majority of everyone is at risk for flooding in St. Augustine when it comes to flooding. During flooding to recommend that no one drives or walk when the city is facing a flooding disaster, (St. Augustine Government, n.d). According to Area Vibes everyone in St. Augustine uses some type of transportation, even if that means driving, public transportation or even riding their bikes, (St. Augustine, FL Transportation, n.d.). Throughout all the transportation in St. Augustine, 61.3% of the residents drive their car,20.1% of the population walks or ride their bike around town, 8.6% of citizens carpool where ever they may need to go, and 1.1% of the people uses public transportation, (St. Augustine, FL Transportation, n.d.). The average time for workers to commute to work is about 18 minutes, just one day, (St. Augustine, FL Transportation, n.d.). If the streets are flooded, the community will not have a way to get around town. Even though there are 31 grocery stores located in St. John County, (St. Augustine, Florida. 2013); with the streets being flooded how would people be able to get to the stores for food? Flooding affects the children who receive free or reduce meals at school. How will those children be able to eat? Due to the flooding, St. Johns Service Center, which assist single mothers with assistance, will not be able to receive their help with assistances.…show more content…
Augustine, even though the town offers many different places, like the YMCA or the Trout Creek Community Center as an emergency disaster center, if people cannot walk or drive how would they get to the rescue
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