The Role Of Friar Lawrence In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Friar Lawrence was the wise adviser to Romeo and Juliet. He kept their secret and

helped them be together. He was the one who married the two, hoping that the marriage would

cause an end. To the fending He was the one who came with the idea of giving Juliet the potion

to put her in a come state for 42 hours. He wrote a letter to Rome, but it never came to him

because of the plague. Friar and Juliet thinking the letter would go to him. They never thought

if the letter would never come to him. They thought of other things would happen, but not this

one. Without knowing Romeo gets poison from the drug dealer. Romeo thinking that Juliet is

actually died, he kills himself too in front of Juliet. Juliet gets Romeo’s knife and jabs it to her …show more content…

After the two of them, do die, the Friar haves so his plan is never found out. Friar

Lawrence, being a man of God, could have gone to the families and told them that the feuding

had to end. They may have listened to him. They trusted him, but the Montague’s or the

Capulet’s never accepted the peace, until the death of the children, Romeo and Juliet. Friar did

not do anything of that, so that is why he should be blamed for young lives of, Romeo and Juliet.

Friar Lawrence…..For the watch is coming. Come, go good Juliet, I dare, no longer

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