The Role Of Gandalf In The Hobbit Implies

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English writer, philosopher, and Professor, J.R.R Tolkien, In his book The Hobbit Implies that Gandalf is not only a mentor, but also a god like figure. He supports this claim by illustrating Gandalf as a wizard who aids people with their quests, then as a teacher who helps the hero grow and change as a person, and finally defines him as Powerful, intelligent, and good. Tolkien 's purpose is to establish a god like figure and mentor in order to establish a relatable journey that we have all taken, or will take in our everyday lives. Gandalf is introduced in the story as a wizard who help people in their quest or journey. “Not the gandalf who was responsible for so many quiet lads and lasses going off into the blue for mad adventures. Anything…show more content…
Finally Tolkien defines Gandalf as a god figure in the story. “God has three characteristics—he’s omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscience (all-knowing), and omnibenevolent (all-good). So I expected Gandalf would have those qualities too. And I noticed remarkable similarities at first glance: Gandalf’s powerful and knowledgeable and good.” (Tummino) In the end of the story Gandalf helps fight the orcs. The astonishing thing about this particular part in the story is that he knew they were coming before anybody else did. This shows that he is all knowing. This isn’t the first time he shows how wise he is. “Suddenly a sword flashed it’s own light. Bilbo saw it go right through the Great Goblin.” (Tolkien 71) In this scene Gandalf show immense power. He kills the Great Goblin with one stroke of his sword and saves the group from the goblins. Gandalf is a really powerful being that goes past the power of a mentor. Gandalf is a good person. His character never wavers between good or evil. He doesn 't get greedy like thorin and lie like bilbo does. He stays a pure person. In the real world this form of gandalf doesn 't exist as a human. Nobody is all powerful, knowing and good. People do get selfish and no one knows everything especially the future. Nobody has all power. Some may argue that dictators have all power, but it’s not true. Dictators can be overthrown. Gandalf is never overthrown by anybody. Infact he is not even bested in any of those three category by anybody. That 's why gandalf in the end would be a deity like being in
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