The Role Of Gender Inequality In Society

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The presence of gender issues and inequality within the 21st century was a future that most would have not predicted. The inequality between the two genders has been continuously present within society for a number of decades, yet the progress in which to decrease such issues has been nothing but slow. From the creation of great nations to the present day, women and men have always met at an impasse when it comes to equality; there is always something within society that highlights the gap between both genders in regards to treatment and respect. However, such thought has been caused by society’s inability to see women in a different light that is not under the shadow of a man. World famous author Virginia Woolf did the complete opposite. Woolf believed that women and men were indeed treated differently. She thought that the gaps between each gender were in fact absurd and unnecessary. In her novel A Room of One’s Own, Woolf explores the idea of how a woman requires financial and intellectual independence in order to…show more content…
Woolf highlights and emphasizes many ideas that give rise to the gender inequality that was present not only during her time, but also present day society. She points out how society is male-dominated, and this mindset has been blindly followed for quite some time, thus allowing society to follow such a perspective for many decades. She also notices how the presence of a woman’s economic status has a significant effect on how she is able to create her own work. Lastly, Woolf also introduces the blatant truth that women are simply not treated at the same level as men. Women are always seen as inferior, and such a mindset has affected the role of women in society for a long time. Woolf’s ideas connect to how society still thinks the same way in modern day society: women are still not seen as
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