The Role Of Ghosts In Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

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How many ghost does it take to change someone’s ways? Ebenezer Scrooge in the ‘Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, four ghost come to him to try to change his ways to become a happy, caring and nice man instead of the rude and greedy man he is now. Scrooge gets visited Jacob Marley, his old business partner seven years ago, then by three more ghosts; the past, future and the present Christmas Ghosts. With each visit of the ghosts, Scrooge shows different emotions with fear and is soon to be changed into a better jolly man than he was before and especially around Christmas time and throughout the days and years as long as he lives. Throughout the story, Scrooge’s character shows how fear of the future coming changes him to a better man.
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