The Role Of Greasers In The Outsiders

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Why cant the Socs help the Greasers in their needs instead of fighting and even killing them for no reason? “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton is about how the Greasers are the one who suffer the most because they have to earn what they want and they don 't have as much rights as do the Socs do, and the Greasers cant really do anything about it because they will get arrested for trying to rob, and kill a Socs. What type of people would want to hurt other people who are in needy of money, food, water, and a place to stay. Greasers who have to work their whole lives just to to pay bills, buy food for their family, and have to drop out of school and not get their full education. Socs who drive to the Greaser’s neighborhoods just to beat them up for fun, drop out of school to do drugs, and don 't have worry about anything because they are rich. Because of the sacrifices they made and the violence they were exposed to, the “Greasers”…show more content…
Darry has to work two jobs and give up his college scholarship to keep his two younger brothers together as a family.(Hilton pg 24) This shows that some Greasers made personal sacrifices to keep their family members out of a group home. It is important because some Greasers clearly do not have the option to purse their dreams because they do not have the family and money resources. Ponyboy and Soda always leave the door the the house unlocked in case one of the boys wants to sleep at their place. This shows that how some kids don 't even any where to sleep or live because their parents either don 't want them anymore or they don 't have parents. It is important because not only do Greasers support their family in their needs, they also have to support their friends needs. So hard working Greasers who drop out of school to support their family and friends, not having any opportunity to having a great job and being successful in
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