The Role Of Greed For Money In The Rocking-Horse Winner

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Money is needed for almost everything that I do in life. Sometimes the greed for money can get ridiculous. I just sometimes feel as if I need nothing, but money to live. I’m going to talk about the greed for money in the story, The Rocking-Horse Winner. In this story the greed for money gets out of hand. Here are things that greed for money can do, it overpowers me, it makes me a workaholic, and it effects my family. First, greed for money overpowers me and makes me seem like a different person. For example, my greed for money makes me seem cold hearted. In the story the mother didn’t love her children. When her children was around she felt her heart go hard. When greed for money overpowers me it makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do.
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