The Role Of Gregor In The Metamorphosis

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In The Metamorphosis Gregor is affected in many ways by his transition into a cockroach, and in the end, all of the effects total up to changing who Gregor was. One of the first changes that we see after Gregor 's transformation is the rejection of him by his family members. Another change that we see throughout the story is society rejecting him. A final change that we encounter is the rejection of himself. Gregor was defined by what he thought of himself, and when everyone started to tell him what he was, his thoughts about himself changed. The rejection of Gregor by his family is evident throughout the whole story. The first time it happens is before anyone has even seen his new form. A detail in the story says, "In the room on his right there followed a painful silence; in the room on his left his sister began to cry." (Page 5) This hurricane of emotion was solely based on how Gregor had not gone to work that morning. Additionally, the only reason why Gregor did not go to work that morning was because he had gone through a metamorphosis into a vermin and had trouble going through his normal routine. He could hardly manage to get out of bed, much less go out to work. This causes the rest of the Samsa family to begin developing negative emotions towards Gregor. The family 's rejection of Gregor continues throughout, and an example of this is after the first time Gregor got out of his room. "Then his father gave him a hefty shove from …show more content…

In the end, the metamorphosis is not just one physical effect on Gregor, it is something that gives Gregor a new opinion on himself. The new view of himself is not really a rather ideal or positive one, but it shows how the world can affect a person. Gregor had been dragged down by his family long before the metamorphosis had happened to him, but his metamorphosis helped speed up the eventual decay Gregor would 've experienced. The rejection he encountered everywhere was something that would 've come one

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