The Role Of Gun Control In United Sates

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Dhrumil Patel Prof: kevin Eddings English Comp. 1 Date: April, 18th 2017 Gun Control in United Sates Gun Control is the most debated argument in United States of America today. Many government officials still hold to the 2nd Amendment, which bluntly states, "... the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." This being part of the Constitution, it bears a lot of credibility. According to be this is not right because from this government is giving too much people freedom to people. Recent shooting has been occurred in many schools and colleges which have disturbed school environment by creating fear in peoples mind. Gun control is a rule of sales. And it is also an ownership of firearms. Right now gun control…show more content…
Guns themselves are not responsible for crime; it is the peoples who are guilty for it and using gun for killing peoples. Guns are the weapon which can be used for self-defense and protecting peoples but never hurting anyone. According to me government should restrict or normalize the use of guns by selling to people, because there are some good peoples who use gun for hunting, shooting practice and competition. As stated by Mytheos Holt, “Guns in the right hands help public safety. Guns in the wrong hands harm public safety”. There are many people out there who thinks that gun control laws will eliminate the crime happening now a day but it will prevent from having good guys to have the…show more content…
In other words, if gun supporters do not fight every move on gun control with extreme prejudice, then activists will chip away at gun control until they are banned. The same thing is happening in gaming as Lara Croft’s boobs are considerably smaller than when the character was created and she is less feminine (a tomboy even). Further gun control will start a slide that chips away at peoples’ right to own a gun. Movies and games are caving to similar pressure to the point where the Wonder Woman movie has her in trousers instead of her uniform. Batman wasn’t put in Lycra and superman wasn’t asked to wear a duffle coat. Allowing further gun control would slowly chip away at gun ownership rights in the same way that sexism activists have chipped away at the movie and gaming industry and have made women ashamed to show their bodies in a feminine
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