The Role Of Hatred In Melba Pattillo's Warriors Don T Cry

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In the novel, Warriors Don't Cry, the author, Melba Pattillo, describes what her reactions and feelings are to the racial hatred and discrimination around her, within this book she and eight other African-American teenagers receive in Little Rock Arkansas during the Civil Rights movement in 1957. These nine students became the first color people to integrate an all-white public school hoping that in the future, people of color that live in the same area could go to the same school because they will have the right to the quality education that white families have. The degradation of the Little Rock ' Central High wasn't predicted easy and throughout the school year, Melba goes through abuse, catcalls, and suffering. Throughout this book, it has revealed that …show more content…

They win when you respond the way they expect you to. Change the rules of the game, girl and they might not like it so much " (194 ). This is a way that we can do alone when we are confronting racism , and there's no one reaching out to help, as a person that is trying to survive just saying " thank you " for what that person did, they would feel like you're an award person or think that what they did benefit you which they doesn't want to. So they would and leave and move on. Also to overcome racism have the mindset that alone, you can get through this and do this might be a struggle now but its help others. Within the book when Melba was struggling to get through her grandma said " You're a warrior on the battlefield for your Lord. God's warriors don't cry, cause they trust he's always by their side. "(63 ). Like Melba to overcome this obstacle, alone act like a soldier at the front of a very dangerous battle but has to win the battle. When alone facing racism is really scary always thinking about what the people who don't like will do but with the motives of wanting equal right as an individual within yourself, you will soon overcome that fear of

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