The Role Of Hero In Stephen King's 'Misery'

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Whenever people think about hero, oftenly, they will think of soldiers, firefighters or some fictional character like superman and batman. Hero is someone who is noble, and worth people pay respect of. In other words, the word hero and victim are hardly mentioned together. However, in Stephen King’s novel, “Misery”, the character Paul is not only a victim but a truly hero to himself and also to many readers. He escapes from Annie Wilkes, the devil figure, fully based on himself as he is completely isolated from other people. He goes through many horrible things such as drinking his urine, losing his left foot and his left thumb. But, at the end, he still has the faith and braveness to fight with Annie. Paul Sheldon, like a phoenix rises from ashes, does not only get his freedom back but most importantly, he got his ability to write novels again. From his survival, he proves to all the readers that he is not only a warrior hero but also a transcendent hero; he does not only on a journey for the quest for vengeance but also the quest to rid the land of danger as he goes through the five stages of a hero’s journey.
Paul may never think that one day he would end up in Annie Wilkes’ house as a pet writer with broken legs and drug addiction but this is also the reason why he is a warrior hero. It all starts from Paul Sheldon, a writer who is famous for his novels “Misery”, almost died in a car accident until he meets Annie Wilkes, a former nurse who is also the devil figure of
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