Chinese Homelessness Analysis

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In the 21st century, the serious phenomenon of homeless people is still a big problem of the society. There are around 150000 homeless children in China. Homelessness is not usually associated with China 's social problems; however, it seems more and more, especially in those who have entered the Chinese city 's floating population.
The imperfect social security system promotes the severity of the homelessness. Homeless people have nowhere to live, and they need social care. In particular, workers who work for social security systems should help them autonomously. The inadequate social security system has left many homeless people without a chance to help. This is an example of an old woman living in Beijing, but she doesn 't have a place to live.
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She needs to carry at least 10 kilograms of waste and walk a long way to find something to eat every day. It is hard for a young man, let alone an old woman. The woman from shangqiu did not work in the underground. Instead, she called the abandoned basement home. The car is near the lido park in Beijing 's Chaoyang district. It was filled with rusty pipes and squeezed the narrow space. Here is some simple furniture: a few blankets on the carpet, some candles, two coats and a broken umbrella. The bathroom in Lido Park provides a toilet and toilet for Quant. Poverty is one big cause of the phenomenon of homeless people. Poverty can make people be homeless. People need to look for food, so they go to other cities or countries to survive. There are over 82,000,000 people whose life quality is lower than the poverty standard in China, a senior official said.Zheng Wenkai said earning $1 a day ($0.63) can be hard for many poor Chinese people, adding that if the adoption of international poverty standards, this figure

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