The Role Of Humor

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Humor is the soul of life; It is often one of the most important instruments we have to deal with difficulties, communicate with others or even express ourselves ... That instrument is also the trigger of one of the most important cognitive processes we experience: laugh! In ancient Greece, "humor", which means a kind of fluid, provides the physical and emotional harmony of the body; It was thought to be a fluid that softened the difficulties of life and facilitated its digestion. According to psychologists, humor is a psychological reaction that includes a positive sensation of emotion (sensation), a sense of being funny (cognition) and a tendency to laugh (behavior). (Gervais & Wilson, 2005) Humor and laughter remain relatively undiscovered…show more content…
Why do we find the jokes funny? Why do we become more inclined to laugh in a social group? Why is laughing so contagious? These questions have been preoccupying the minds of philosophers and scientists since ancient times. Aristotle suggested that we were laughing to feel ourselves superior to those we thought were acting stupid or vulgar. Sigmund Freud argue that we are primarily voltage of our nervous laugh and to get rid of stress. Although these assumptions are largely disproved today, the origins and functions of smile are still being debated. (Dunn. G. I, 2017) This paper examines the role of laugh in during daylife and what we…show more content…
In recent times, the importance of peer interaction for child development and socialization needs to be increasingly known. While humor is defined as an essential element of child interaction (Fine, 1977, McGhee and Chapman, 1980), we know little from the nature of humor in naturally occurring interaction. We know less about humor among adolescent peers. (Sanford S., Eder, D., 1984) Humour plays a significant role in the socializing of adolescents. Humor allows adolescents to explore sensitive issues, such as sexuality, without having to explicitly show the dimensions of the true knowledge in this area. It is also an implied means to communicate peer and adult hopes for action. Explaining sexual practices is a way for teenagers to exchange information about sexuality. Sexual jokes provide opportunities for teenagers to deal indirectly with this potentially embarrassing and extremely striking aspect.
They can talk about the words and the information they are not sure about, without being held accountable for their precise meanings or details. (Sanford S., Eder, D.,

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