The Role Of Husbands In Turia's Ideal Marriage

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Thirdly, husbands gain the economic power within Roman ideal marriages. Before any marriage, the bride 's’ family has the responsibility to provide a dowry (Shelton p.43). As a generous woman, Turia raises up young girls in her husband family and prepares dowry for them (CIL 6,1527, 31670, Shelton, p.293). Husbands are required to return the dowry after divorce. They have the right to manage wives’ money during marriages, but need to return the inheritance from wives’ family after divorce. Turia’s husband is the guardian of her property in their marriage. However, when Turia suggests a divorce to her husband, she doesn 't ask for the return from her wealth(CIL 6,1527, 31670, Shelton, p.293). Because she loves her husband, she still wants
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