The Role Of Immigration In William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

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Collection 1 Performance Task: Argumentative Essay Like specks of sand on a beach, people are constantly migrating to various areas. Immigration has impacted America in a predominantly negative way. As demonstrated in Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, and The General History of Virginia by John Smith, immigration has induced numerous conflicts, forced people to face adversity from those they met, and caused several people to undergo a number of hardships. There were a variety of hardships being faced, most notably the physical ones. In The General History of Virginia, Smith and his associates were weakened by strenuous labor in extreme heat; they were strained and bruised from arduous task of planting palisades (Smith 4). Disease and sickness spread as well. For example, European settlers brought with them a number of diseases that caused the fatalities of millions (Bradford 3). Clearly, these issues weren’t positive and are partially reasons why immigration has had a negative impact.…show more content…
In Of Plymouth Plantation, there was an altercation between the settlers and the Native Americans; Musket shots (from the settlers) and arrows (from the Native Americans) were exchanged (Bradford 13). Another example of a conflict caused by immigration occurred in The General History Of Virginia. Smith was beset with 200 savages of which two he slew; at one point he was shot in the thigh, had several arrows stuck in his clothes, and was finally taken prisoner (Smith 7). These are several more examples in which they all negatively impacted America and the people who reside

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