The Role Of Industry In The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age was a time in US history that should be celebrated at as a time of growth and development. The new industry in the Gilded Age led to a more improved US economy. The rise of powerful businessmen was huge in the growth of the American economy. The immigration of many Europeans and migration of African Americans helped the industry grow and advance. There was an urban boom in cities and the modern city develops. We also see the new middle class appear in the Gilded Age. In the Gilded age we see the third parties come into play in politics. In the Gilded Age the advancement of new technology was a key factor in new industry. The new technology allowed for an explosion of these new corporations because of these need for…show more content…
There ideas and business in many ways gave many immigrants and African Americans jobs that they might not of had. Their ideas of vertical and horizontal integration are still use in business today and are major reasons why they were successful. Without these “captains of industry” the Gilded Age would not have been successful as it was in the industry. The need for unskilled workers in the new factories led to the immigration of Europeans and migration of African Americans. These unskilled working class people were just as important to the success to the growth and development of the US. Without any of the working class immigrants or African Americans the powerful industry would not be that powerful because they would not have the manpower to operate the new technology. They are like the offensive line of the industry, if they do not work, than the large industries do not make any…show more content…
This expansion of cities made the needs greater for the cities to grow, so we see the creation of the industrial core. The growth of the middle class and suburbs was a result of the urban boom. The social classes start to come in place because of the middle class. Many people look at the social division as a bad thing, but if all of the people were rich than there would be no need for the growth and develop. That is what makes the Gilded Age a celebrated time, it was not perfect time period by all standards but this idea of the social division was important to the growth of this county at this time. We see the rise of third parties as well in the Gilded Age. They never win an election, but they bring important ideas to the US government. In conclusion the Gilded Age should be considered a time period of growth and development because of the expansion of industry. The “captains of industry” brought growth to the US economy. The immigrants allowed for these “captains of industry” to become powerful. The immigrants also led to urban boom. All in all the Gilded Age was not a perfect time period but the success of the age outweighed the failures of this time
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