The Role Of Intercultural Communication

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Diversity Role Paper Ramiro Franco Texas State University Diversity Role Paper Intercultural communication offers a unique ability to truly get to know someone else and their culture, and to gain appreciation for things that we may assume about others or ourselves, and the things which might be difficult for another person. This form of communication can open minds and truly enable people to place themselves in the shoes of another person, and respect them for it. By learning to communicate better, we can learn to be mindful of our thoughts and our actions (Grant, 1989). 1. A complete description of your diversity role. Filling a diversity requirement, my role is that of a professor whose second language is English and whose first language is Spanish. Schools and businesses alike are under continual stress to ensure their staff consists of a wide range of people with various backgrounds, and I seem to fit that mold well. My official role however is an adjunct professor of chemistry. 2. Describe a typical day for you (where you go, who you see etc.) That being said, my day would include creating curricula in the morning, starting around 7am, that meets with my departmental regulations and teaching two lectures each day. In between the two lectures I hold office hours where students can come to me with any inquiries about their course. I also utilize this time to review tests and papers, while staying available for student and faculty meetings. On Monday,
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