The Role Of Inventions In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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All of us only life once, but what would happen if we were able to come back from the dead? People these days would exclaimed that it is impossible to come back from the dead back to life. In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist, creates a monster from dead body parts and gives birth to a creature. The novel represents a prophecy to the real world . A prophecy is a prediction of what will happen in the future. With advancements in real world we could accomplish this goal. Frankenstein is a prophecy because we are heading in that direction with the help of technology, however we would handle our creations much better than Victor. Progress has made us get to this point in life, while in Frankenstein they have more advancements, but we have learned to do plastic surgery and have created antibiotics. Joe Rosen states that “we use antibiotics to combat the flu” antibiotics have help us now combat not the only flu but other diseases, and illnesses so humans would not have to suffer from these illnesses (Rosen 17). Dr. D being a surgeon has done dozens of surgery to patients which has helped them get their life back to normal. He has help the carpenter by repairing his finger, and helped people that suffer from cancer to repair their face. In comparison to Victor he has made more bigger…show more content…
Victor use's dead body parts while we will use “prototypes of artificial organs that can take the place of one's spleen, pancreas or lungs” more develop and efficient organs to have a more healthier life (R.I. 70). An example of something close to Victor's creation is Bionic Man. Bionic Man represent how “vividly showcases how much of our bodies can be replaced by circuits, plastic, and metals” much progress we are making in the scientific world. We will achieve rebirth to humans and be able to live on with the help of
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