The Role Of Iolaus

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Hebe is the Greek goddess of youth. She is said to be the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Her duties in the divine household are similar to the duties of many young women of the era in which she was actively worshipped, such as drawing baths for her brother Ares, setting out his clothes, tending her mother 's chariot and being the cup-bearer to the gods. She is said to have served the gods nectar and ambrosia. If you have not heard of her before, it is because she is a relatively obscure member of the Greek pantheon. She is best known for her role in giving youth for one day to an old man so that he might fight once more with the strength and vigor of youth. This is depicted in Euripides ' play Heracleidae. The old man in question is called Iolaus. The enemy he desired to fight is named Eurystheus.…show more content…
Themis was able to foretell the future and saw that not doing so would keep them embroiled in civil war. However, Hebe 's gift of restored youth made the other gods jealous of her abilities. As is fitting with both her ability to restore youth and the fact that she is the personification of youth, she is also said to have been the Keeper of the Fountain of

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