The Role Of Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Jealousy leads people to do things that they otherwise may not have done. This apparent in the text "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury, a young girl, by the name of Margot, has an experience all of the other children envy. As the only one who remembers the sun during a seven-year rain, she has to deal with the trauma of being away from the sun that means so much to her. Consequently, the children hate her for this and treat her with complete disrespect and zero regard to her emotions. Bradbury displays jealousy's negative impact on someone's behavior and exposes human nature's tendency to want what others have with his use of pivotal moments.
It is first simple to notice jealousy's impact on one's behavior is on page two of the story. It is read that Margot remembers the sun, whereas the others do not. The children were affected
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Why should she have seen it multiple times while none of the kids could remember viewing it once? This is when the jealousy that was built up inside of the children took a new form. They couldn't cope with their emotions and acted upon their jealousy. They were driven to treat their peer, someone who wanted to see the sun more than anything, in a horrible manner. They hoped to enjoy the experience that obviously was important as it killed Margot to be distant from it. The children desired her experience but didn't wish for her to obtain it again.
Thus, through a use of pivotal moments that don't seem of vital importance, but truly are, Ray Bradbury gives insight on what jealousy can do to people. Through the story "All Summer in a Day" it is apparent how much jealousy can negatively impact someone's behavior. In the end, it's just human nature to want what others have, there truly is nothing we can do about it farther than understanding the possible effects of
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