The Role Of John Proctor's Confession In The Crucible

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Do you think John Proctor should have confessed to witchcraft? In Act IV of “The Crucible”, John Proctor is accused of witchcraft. Hale calls for Elizabeth and tries to get her to convince John to confess. Proctor is about to confess, but then changes his mind and tears apart his confession paper. This action, however, costs him his life and other’s lives.
In “The Crucible”, John Proctor does not confess to witchcraft. They told him if he confessed, he could live happily with his wife, Elizabeth. He refuses to confess, but after he speaks with Elizabeth, he decides to confess. The judges start writing his confession papers and he changes his mind to keep his “good” name. If he would have confessed, his name might have still been good to the
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