The Role Of Journalism In The 21st Century

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The role of journalism In the 21st century, journalism has entered into the new generation – Digital age. Since the advanced of the internet, the media companies will use the social media such as: Facebook and You-tube by uploaded the issues, video, photos and news aims for attract the audience and enhance the attractiveness. This way may make many traditional media such as: newspaper and radio gone down and become less affective. Apart from the new media, citizen journalism is also the way to expand the role of journalism. This is all controlled by the world citizen by using their own smartphone and makes them to become most influential contributor. It has three main critical elements included: Open publishing, collaborative editing and distributed…show more content…
In the contrast, the journalism may easily to become a politician’s promotion tool and let the journalism become bias in sometimes. To the world As the internet lead the speed of news travel faster and faster, every internal affairs of the state become globally which means the nations’ policy not just related to local but the world. It can enhance the development of globalization and indirectly improve different national’s status such as: enhance the China to make it become powerful. All of this can improve the connection and become smaller in the world. Conclusion In the past, journalism and media may provide more resources and news to audience and mainly to provide the entertainment to entertain people. However in the present, journalism and media be a power to force the world develop and become indispensable in our part of life. It makes the journalism become more and more significant than the past. The impact without Media &
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