The Role Of Latino Inequality In Education

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social media from the event showed students’s faces covered in charcoal. It does not make sense to have a diversity requirement part of California students education, if incidents like these keep happening. A student can be forced to take a diversity class, and complete assignments’s for that class, but for the student to broaden their perspective and actively engage in class, is up to each individual student. When white students were asked about their Asian American, Latino and Black peers, a study conducted at Baylor University said “Asian American students are ‘cold but competent.’ Latinos and blacks ‘need to work harder to move up.’”14 The study asked 898 freshman from 27 different prestigious universities on how they perceived Asian, Latino and Black Americans based on their intelligence and work ethic.…show more content…
The researchers from the study concluded that based on what they survey participants voted that, ‘when we analyzed this perception with beliefs about Latino inequality, the same relationship found for beliefs about African American inequality appeared also: These respondents tend to agree that Latinos do not work hard enough to improve their life circumstances”.15 What many white students attending those universities do not understand that it is not the fault of the minority student’s effort in college, but rather it is the environment the student grew up in. In dominantly Latino and Black communities there are not many resources for

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