The Role Of Literacy And The Library Educator

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Literacy and the Library Educator
Literacy is a basic requirement for survival in the 2st century. There have been a lot of developments in life and people have to keep learning. Some of the important lessons in life are never taught in class awhile even those taught in class will require a person to do some extra research. To make the work of students who want to do research easy, universities have composed relevant education and developed a degree programs such as Library Media Degree. The aim f the degree is to make sure people who want to do research; teachers and students can get the relevant assistance. Every library, whether private, public, or school library, need someone understands their organization so that they can help students
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The roles of Literacy and the Library Educator include working with students in the school library and media centre of to assist the teachers and the students. In improving literacy levels in the society, Literacy and the Library Educator plays the role of an instructional partner, a teacher, program administrator, and information management specialist. Library Media Specialist helps in raising literacy levels because they help preK-12 students understanding of how to use the library and media centre for them to gain more knowledge. Therefore, a degree in Literature and the library education is a catalyst to great academic achievement. Every young person requires another experienced person to guide them in what they are doing. In education sector, literacy and the library educator guide the students on how to use resource available to acquire knowledge and improve literacy level outside class. They also help in explaining some of the concepts a student may not…show more content…
The major role is running administration programs. As Literacy and the Library Educator a person has to set programs on how the library and the media will function. For a smooth running of the media and the library, there must be measures and programs put in place to ensure there the library and the schools program do not conflict. Collection of library books and other library resources will need to be done in an orderly manner to ensure only those who need them keep them and they are enough to meet the demand. Still in the administrative role, Literacy and the Library Educator have to make available or distribute library resources to students and lecturers. The Library Media degree equips students with competent administrative

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