The Role Of Literature In Literature

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The roles of English Literature in the language curriculum at schools are inevitably vital to the students. Most of the teachers are well aware of the importance of the Literature teaching to the students due to its help in broadening the students’ perspective about the beautiful content of English as a language and as a learning subject. Based on the study, it was found that teacher’s guidance inside and outside classrooms is very important to attract the students’ attention and interest to learn the subject. Learning Literature is in fact encourages students to read more and by doing so they will unconsciously increase their vocabulary. By improving on vocabulary, the students can write better and in a more correct way. It is proved that by learning English Literature, the students can improve their writing acquisition, not only because of the additional vocabulary, but also on the grammar system as well as the sentence structure and construction apart from writing creatively. 5.3 Recommendation Based on this research, there are several recommendations that can be suggested especially to the English teacher, the students that take English subject at school as well as for the researchers that are looking for topic and content for future research. Considering the current situation especially in Malaysia, lots of research needs to be conducted to find out the perception of the citizen regarding certain issues especially the matters that are directly linked and connected

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