The Role Of Lord Krishna With Reference To Mahabharata

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Lord Krishna as a Diplomat with reference to Mahabharata Lord Krishna is the lord of almighty. He is a symbol of Peace, Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity. It is a well known fact that Lord Krishna is known for his friendship and caring and helpful nature. His friendship with Sudama is very famous and is known by everyone throughout the world. He treated everyone equally and was against caste discrimination. People used to idealise his friendship with Sudama as he treated him equally and though he was a king he never made him realize that he is poor and weak. He treated him with respect and used to love him as a friend through the bottom of his heart. Lord Krishna followed the path of Dharma , he wanted to establish Dharma again when Adharma was increasing and he succeeded in establishing Dharma through the war of Mahabharata. The war of Mahabharata is the greatest war ever fought and was fought for the establishment of dharma. Lord Krishna supported Pandavas and lead them to the path of victory. If Lord Krishna was not by the side of Pandavas they would have never won the battle. No doubt Lord Krishna was a diplomatic person and it was difficult to understand his real nature. In the courtroom where the discussion regarding the war was taking place and when asked lord Krishna about his opinion he said that he doesn’t want the war to take place but at the same time he wanted the war of Mahabharata for the establishment of Dharma. He wanted good to win over evil and supported

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