The Role Of Loss In Louise Erdrich's The Leap

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In Louise Erdrich’s “The Leap”, Anna’s personal experience of loss serves to develop her belief that she is responsible for her past tragedies which leads to her change of self to value her family over her independence, ultimately resulting in her greater respect of life. Anna’s regret results in her claim of responsibility. Anna’s child ponders why they have not moved thinking that “it still seems odd to [her], when [Anna and her husband] could have gone anywhere else, that they chose to stay in the town where the disaster had occurred….It was [her] mother who insisted upon it, after her child did not survive”(3). The family had the opportunity to go anywhere else, emphasizing the clear opportunity and desire to be able to move on from their…show more content…
Consequently, Anna’s caution emphasizes her desire to avoid further life tragedies. Anna’s child describes her gracefulness as “she walks slowly through her house” and “has never lost her balance or bumped into a closet door” (1). Upon accepting her past mistakes, Anna moves carefully to avoid any future ones. In her past performing with the Flying Avalons, she would constantly be in danger without realizing the value of life because of her youth. However, Anna now has a greater reason to live, by replacing the Flying Avalons with the family she would risk her life to save. By finally realizing the dangers and limitations of the human body, she tries to avoid any further permanent damage to her body, such as her scarred hands. If she were to lose her balance and fall due to carelessness, she may recall her traumatising life-changing experience again. Additionally, Anna’s realization of limitations is displayed through her inability to see and move without restriction. Ultimately, although experiencing a tragedy can result in much suffering, it can also lead to the growth of one spiritually and
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