The Role Of Love In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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When it comes to learning about the characters in a story, analyzes look at the characters’ characterization through the plays. For Shakespeare, he focused on the relationships of his characters in his plays to underline the true meaning of love. From his comedic plays to his tragedies, the love between two or more characters signified an irrational and crazy way love operates in his plays. In his play, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare described the typical “perfect” couple, Hero and Claudio, and the “surprising” couple, Benedick and Beatrice. In Act 4, these relationships are put to the test whether their relationships are true and honest after the wedding. In addition, they questioned whether their relationship with each other is true picture of true love where Claudio and Hero love each other, as well as Benedick and Beatrice. Shakespeare’s two couples, Claudio-Hero and Benedick-Beatrice, in Much Ado About Nothing are two different relationships that has express the love-hate relationship within the play.
The reason why the relationship between Hero and Claudio is so “perfect” is because this is what an ideal couple people want to look like. In short, Claudio and Hero’s love story is a fairytale. After the way, Claudio told his friends about the qualities of Hero. He said, “In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever / I looked on” (1.1. 180-81). His description of Hero is a relation to a “love at first sight” moment where one person finds another person attractive.
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