The Role Of Malcolm X's Contribution In The Nation Of Islam

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Malcolm’s participation in the Nation of Islam gave him a sense of purpose. His word became so strong throughout the community of converting black to the Nation of Islam that he was soon made the new spokesperson. This gave him power to speak his about his own political views, such as, black separatism. Black separatism is the idea of separating blacks and whites into two separate nations. Black separatist believe that black people cannot advance in a white dominant society. Therefore, like Marcus Garvey, he believed that the only way to uplift blacks from oppression would be to leave the United States which was ruled by the white majority. As a black leader for the Nation of Islam, he emphasized the “Black Power” movement. Malcolm X believed that black people should…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr sought out for peaceful demonstration and to have equality with whites in the future. However, Malcom X was known as a violent, black civil rights activist. He believed that violence and fighting against whites was the only way of reaching equality and success for black people in the United States. His motto was “By any means necessary”. Malcolm X would express that blacks will have their freedom by any means necessary, blacks will have justice by any means necessary, blacks will have equality by any means necessary. He wanted blacks to have their own country because he felt that even if blacks and whites could live together in peace, that they would still control the American society. Malcolm X believed that they would forever be dominated by the white system and that blacks would always be the second-class citizen even if segregation and discrimination came to an end. Both civil rights activist had different ideas based on their religious backgrounds. Martin Luther King Jr, believed in Christianity, and he worked in the Southern states. Malcolm X, believed in Islam, and worked in the Northern
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