The Role Of Manifest Destiny In The United States

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In the 19th Century the idea to move westward would present Americans with new opportunities and a chance for possible wealth. Americans were determined to explore the lands from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The term Manifest Destiny in short, is a movement. A movement in which gave Americans the “right” to colonize and civilize west because it’s their calling. Americans believed that expanding throughout the continent would give them new opportunity to share the government, which they believed was so great. They knew land was out there to take and if it was there, then it would be their destiny to claim it as such. Everyone was so eager to get out there to farm on his own and be the first to settle and sell goods. There was empty land just waiting to be occupied so people would be able to…show more content…
Little did they know, the land already had occupants. Those occupants were a variety of Native Americans. The Native Americans did not want to leave their home. The result of being non-compliant brought the Trail of Tears. Forcing all Native American Indians to move to Oklahoma. In my opinion, Westward expansion was inevitable. The term Manifest Destiny to me was just used as an excuse to claim more and more territory. America wasn’t the only country to do this. People just want more money and land and were going to do so whether it be unmoral or moral. They just wanted to expand their economic values across the nation. However I do not believe that they were “predestined” to just uproot and move across the nation because it was their calling. The desire to expand comes from greed and never fully being satisfied with what they currently had. It was only a matter of time

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