The Role Of Manipentation In George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

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In George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” the writer uses satire to reveal how language, particularly that which is used in the mass media can be manipulated by those in authority, especially those who use their rhetoric ability to manipulate and control others, and how those in the working class can easily be influenced and deceived. Two characters in Orwell’s novel that illustrate the role of the manipulator and the deceived are Squealer the pig and Boxer the cart horse. The pig called Squealer is used to illustrate how deception can be used to influence, sway and oppress those who refuse to or who are ultimately unwilling to think for themselves in a constructive manner. Squealer is so aptly named in the novel, because essentially that is his main function, to squeal, and oh how he squeals, the narrator defines him as a “brilliant talker”, he is described as being able to argue a point with keen calculating conviction skipping his body from side to side and whisking his tail in a disarming manner, which aides him in being able to manipulate and oppress the working class animals on the farm. In the novel Squealer uses fear, false statistics and manipulative words to control the working farm animals and to justify Napoleon’s actions. Squealer is just one of the intelligent pigs on the farm, however he is also artful and sneaky as well, he uses his cunning to deceive the other animals, this smooth-talking pig, misuses language to justify all Napoleon’s exploits and system of

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