The Role Of Man's Responsibility To Nature

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Nature is a huge part of the world today. Well mainly because it 's everywhere we go but also because man has to decide what to do with it. The huge question today is what is man 's responsibility to nature? What is man 's relationship with nature? People have many different views on how we should handle our responsibility. People believe that we are the master 's and control the earth. Some believe that we are abusing our power and that we should be making the earth a cleaner place. Others think that we are just fine the way that we are. Whether or not we can do anything about the earth 's situation isn 't up to us. Our role in how in we handle nature is very disputed. Our responsibility to nature is to manage and take care of it. "We are, in fact, the masters, like it or not." This quote from Thomas Lewis in his article the Natural Man, is very accurate, we are the masters of the earth. We manage the earth with everything that happens. We work with everything, the natural disasters that happen, we manage those and work to rebuild the damage that they cause. Whatever happens in the earth we manage it and take care of it. Humans are responsible to take care of the earth. The earth is man 's property, it depends on what we do with that property. We also depend on nature. We need things from nature that we can 't get if we don’t care of it. Humans are at the top. Ever heard of the food chain? We 're at the top and have to manage our source of food.
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