The Role Of Masculinity In Sports Culture

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One thing that really stood out to me in the second video was talking about the sport culture playing a huge role in showing what boys what masculinity should look like. The sport culture has become more aggressive, competitive, and mostly violent. I watch a lot of football and there is always some kind of fight going on or some guy taunting or disrespecting another guy. You can see hundreds of examples of seeing two guys trying to compete with each other trying to be the "top dog." If you really think about look at football, It's a really violent sport. You see guys crashing and pounding against each other. A football is loved by millions of men of all ages and especially the little ones. The little boys are the most impressible and probably will get influence into thinking that's how aggressive you should be to be a real man. I can see why there is so much influence in today's world and why men are turning towards the wrong idea for masculinity.…show more content…
This was a man that was very masculine, he was a professional baseball player but he also had a side of him that was so masculine and wasn't like the man he was like on the field. He was also soft and had a passion for things that might not come off as masculine. For example he was seen crying over an interview when talking about his passion to give money to the cause for sexually abused kids. This should be the true role model of true masculinity, a strong man that is also soft and caring. Someone that doesnt always need to be the tough guy.
In conclusion, Society needs to change in order to see change in masculinity in men. To end stop violence and bad masculinity we need more examples in society that shows what true masculinity should look like. If we quit showing that masculinity is tough, violent, and aggressive then maybe will stop sending those messages out to men and will start to see change in our society. How much
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