The Role Of Mass Media

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The development of the media in the United States began to emerge after independence in 1776, when it was the media that first appeared is newspapers and began to flourish in New York in 1830, and then spread throughout the world. Currently the media is divided into several types Press (newspaper), Radio, Television, and Film. But after satellite found, the development of science and technology was slowly getting sophisticated and led to the birth of new media such as the Internet which is media by a combination of media phones, televisions and computers.
In the United States, the media 's role is as an intermediary of resources which are then conveyed to the public and then the public opinion is returned to the political actors. The role of media in shaping public opinion related to the technique of setting the agenda in reporting the news. Where agenda setting is a theory that explains the role of the mass media as an instrument in support of government policy (Dedi Permadi: 2009). The mass media also influence and considerable strength. It is seen from the symbiotic relationship between the media and the American government Union. The media need news and information about the United States so that the function and role of the mass media will be implemented as it should, while the United States government requires the mass media as a means to publish or to post information and news or to interests in the political, economic, social, and more. Media can be regarded as an
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