The Role Of Mass Media

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Since mass media began, it has become an ubiquitous phenomenon exceeding its intended purpose of communication, where it empowers the people. This can be seen from how it allows more voices to be heard as media grows rapidly each day with increasing channels. People can also make more informed decisions through responsible media, unless under the circumstances of media makers having an agenda, in which people may follow a skewed perspective through their relationship of trust with the media. Media essentially refers to mass communication that collectively acts as a medium to provide information to the general public and is regarded as a tool for individuals to share news with one another. This includes broadcast media, social media and print media. Empowerment is possessed when one is granted power, official authority or legal power (Merriam Webster, n.d). Consequently, they will also be held responsible and accountable for the outcomes of their actions. As for ‘the people,’ they will be defined as the everyday man, ordinary citizens with average means.

Firstly, people possess the power to have a voice in the midst of the masses through the media. With social media and forums on traditional media, the general public have a platform for their voice to be heard by peers and the government. The media thus allows the common man to make a change by rallying support from their peers and providing a platform for the government to hear their people’s opinions. For example, in
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