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Public relations in the task is to convey an information requires a variety of media as a way of connecting. Communicating with the public, a body needs an effective medium and a communicator that is capable. How business results contact and influence the public depends also on the skills of communicators.
Media is a means to channel messages communicator communicated to the communicant. Media used in communication if the communicator and/or the number of many (Effendy, 1993, p.16). Media is an important point in the activities of Public Relations (Grener, 1993, p. 23).
The strategic value of communication media is (Kasali, 2003, p. 162):
1. Information Value: communication media that should display the values of quality information and useful
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Educational Value: clearly visible when the media convey the things that relate to helping solve problems and apply new motivation for work productivity.
3. Entertainment Value: in writing the media not only provide information and educate, but also entertaining in the sense of providing a sense of relaxed and excitement to the reading audience.
4. Emotional Value: to persuade. A common way is to choose a word or structure of sentences that inspire feelings.
From several programs conducted by public relations, the creation of internal media is one form of communication program to reach the certain public in order to achieve public relations goals. Internal communication media is a medium used to communicate information to audiences or audiences both print and electronic (Ruslan, 2006, p. 201 - 202). According to Frank Jefkins, internal media is one form of communication media of public relation published specifically for limited circles or certain. (Ardianto and Soemirat, 2004, p. 21).
Internal media forms include bulletins, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, brochures, and various other forms, issued from a corporation or government agency deliberately created in order to communicate with the public.

The function of internal media is as follows (Ruslan, 1998,
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As a special communication event between employees, such as birthday greetings, birth information of infant and family employees, the presence of employees or new comer (sports comer), sports activities, tourism, religious, health programs, and up to the news of condolences and activities social.
3. As a media tool for training and education in the field of writing for employees, as well as talented public relations staff or potentially as popular science writers.
4. There is added value to the public relations department to demonstrate the ability to publish special media, quality internal media, continuous, periodic and regularly published, with professional appearance both quality and quantity of news, lay out, page content, editor arrangement, photo essay, which is nicely laid out and more attractive as well as cover or art and color and so on.
The following internal media forms (Soemirat and Ardianto, 2005, p.23):
1. Bulletin: a medium of regular communication between a leader and his subordinates in the field. Published on a weekly basis. Usually, newsletters contain company news and subject

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