Sexual Violence In The Media Essay

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In a modern world today, the role of the media in publicizing and communicating information in educating the public is becoming increasingly important. It can be said that every home from various walks of life has the facilities in supporting all the advance mass media. Such as, Television, Radio, Computer and many more. The facilities offered by the Telekom Malaysia, Jaring, TM Net and so on has also added an important role of the media, especially electronic media, in the community.
Internet has become one of the main sources of information. The number of users is also increasing with the various Internet facilities that are available such as a cyber café and a pre-paid Internet, as well as supported Computer prices that are relatively
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The government has always regarded these issues as very important and very crucial to the

Defining Sexual Violence correlated with Media
Online spaces are the new emerging are of interest influencing individuals, community, and the societal towards sexual violence. According to Bluett-boyd et al sexual violence are facilitated by technologies that need to be understood along a variety of behavior (Bluett-boyd et al, 2013). With today’s advancement and utilization of social media that offers the platform that everyone can use easily, youths are no exception. They are given the opportunity to share information among themselves in a very straightforward level of interaction; Youths are being exposed indirectly to sex and violence through media every single day through a variety of processes. Such as, music videos, video games, television programs and many more. Which actually is one of the main causes of this whole sex and violence social

The Role of a Public Relation and objectives
As a Public relation to actually accomplish your role, understanding and knowing the equity of your brand is the most important thing to do. Without understanding

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