The Role Of Men And Women In Shakespeare's As You Like It

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Tasha Mullings
Kellie Riddell
Literature 310
March 25, 2018

Both man and woman have been presented with specific roles in which society determined the criteria and the qualifications. There have been certain responsibilities that were traditionally carried out by men only while others were carried out by women. Most of these responsibilities were separated by the monarchy of its domestic range. The same holds true during the Renaissance period as men and women played opposite roles in society.
The social expectations, rights, class, and value could not be more different when it came to man versus woman. Throughout the Renaissance period these roles of each gender can often be identified in literary work however at times the characters tend to sway between each role. This sway in the role can be seen in Shakespeare 's As You Like It. The idea of men and women can be identified easily in the Renaissance period but Rosalind possess many traits that are generally associated with men or masculine characters. Rosalind used her masculinity to manipulate Orlando. Rosalind wasn’t the only character that seemed to act outside of their roles that were deemed by society. Orland’s character was submissive, submission is associated with a more feminine trait. Shakespeare assigned traditional gender roles of the Renaissance period to opposite sexes in the play.
It’s important to understand the concept of men and women and their roles during the Renaissance period to fully
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