The Importance Of Border Controls

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Migration and border controls are one of the most controversial and debatable topics in the USA, given its current political status. People of color are constantly being stopped and thoroughly checked at the migrations stands in airports every day, every hour. People of color are seen as enemies and criminals, while Caucasian people are seen as innocent. The superiority of being a Caucasian and disdain to any other nationality/ethnicity has reached epidemic proportions. It is nothing new that every country acquires border controls, although some may be harsher and more injustice than the others. For starters, one must ask his or herself what are border controls? Border controls are measures taken by a country to monitor or regulate its borders.…show more content…
Migration’s two main sectors are; immigration and emigration. Immigration is the inflow of people from outside countries. Emigration is the outflow of natives of the country to another place (Emigrate vs. Immigrate, 2013). A contemporary migration law that is currently trying to be carried out is the Muslin ban. The current president of the United States is trying to apply this inhumane regulation (US court refuses to reinstate Trump 's Muslim ban, 2017).It is normal that on a visitor’s arrival their passport and legal documents must be verified, but a relatively new addition to the scrutinization is that the government officials have the right to ask for the person’s social media information. It is a very invasive and pointless regulation as to enter America from a middle east a person needs a visa (Rodriguez, 2016). Moreover, if they got approved for a visa to enter the country, why feel the need to invade the person’s privacy even more? In addition to that people of color or that follow Islam are randomly not so randomly checked. Their belongings are treated like trash when being looked through with complete disregard. These are just some of the ways that the US is trying to decrease the mesh size of the immigration…show more content…
Arab people in particular that were coming into the USA would be excessively questioned and basically harassed about their visits. The border control officers were and still are very biased; they always have doubted and are in doubt of Arabs, which is completely unfair. It takes away one of a person’s basic human rights that they will be treated equally no matter what. However, immigration boomed in the 2000’s being the biggest number of immigrants in the US, a doubled number of 1990’s immigrants, making almost 40 million (Camarota, 2012). International Labor Day on May 2010 there were protests for immigration change in cities across the nation. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and activists participated in these protests, expressing opposition to Arizona 's new immigration enforcement law (Wian,
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