The Role Of Mildred In Fahrenheit 451

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Mildred is one of the most controversial characters in Fahrenheit 451. This is because we can’t suggest that she is fully deprived, her suicidal attempt shows Mildred is unhappy. Mildred wanted to be more active in the social side but her intellectual limitations prevented this from happening. She is obsessed with watching the television and is literally watching the world through a television screen. Montag’s wife “Mildred” who is addicted to television and radio did not care about her husband’s feelings. Mildred lives vicariously through the lives of her “family” on the parlor shows; her real life is basically empty. Her relationship with her husband is the only thing in her life that is not fictional however she doesn’t spend time with him or even talks to him about anything meaningful. Mildred merely sits most of the day watching her favorite TV clown show, while reading scripts. Mildred and her friends gather to watch television and hold shallow at best conversations, which is all but to much for Montag himself, especially once he realizes they are so delusional about reality that the voted for a man that looked better than his opponent in appearance only, simply because that’s what the Television showed them to do. Mildred and her female companions were so enveloped by television that she even had made mention to Montag when seen…show more content…
The day of Mildred’s death, as explained in such romantic detail as to how it occurred, with the building collapsing down, down into ruble in the basement, taking Mildred into death with the detail of her television shows though it was through the written word for the
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